King Ludwig II

Allgäu fascinated King Ludwig II of Bavaria. When he sought peace and quiet and wanted to breathe in freedom, he climbed the mountain peaks, rode across the meadows or listened to the operas of Richard Wagner in his famous castle.

Ludwig II translated his heroic royal fantasies into visual form when he built Neuschwanstein. Created by the mad genius of a king, this iconic fairy-tale castle stands surrounded by the magnificent peaks of the Allgäu and Ammergau,. Gazing at the façade against the jagged silhouette of the rock wall, visitors really feel as if they have stepped into a film set. And indeed, for King Ludwig it was a stage set – built for the music of the composer Richard Wagner. Neuschwanstein was dedicated as a temple of friendship to the latter’s life and work. Not far away rises Hohenschwangau, the castle of the king’s childhood. Ludwig II spent a great deal of time here, immersing himself in the world of the sagas and knights that can be seen on the castle walls and that play the leading roles in Wagner’s operas. But he also enjoyed spending time outside surrounded by nature: he plunged into the Alpsee, climbed mountains with his mother Marie, the Queen mother, and fell in love with the mystic landscape. All his life the castle remained his refuge, far from all his duties as king. Every path here was once taken by the king, his family and his servants – on foot, on horseback or late at night in one of Ludwig’s magnificent coaches. Hiking here will rouse your imagination and inspire you to new visions. And in between, countless stories are revealed in the towns: Füssen, the romantic soul of Bavaria, with its twisting alleys, Baroque churches, the High Castle and the magnificent monastery complex of St Mang as a repository of cultural treasures. Füssen is also the cradle of violin and lute making in Europe. It marks the end of the Romantic Road, the oldest and one of the most scenic roads in Germany – as well as one of the most popular. It leads from the Main to the Alps and brings to life history, art and culture. Immerse yourself in the magic of Allgäu. Let yourself be enchanted by its stories of heroes and its unique architecture. Find space for your dreams once more.

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