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Tales from Allgäu’s towns – Where past and future live side by side

History was written in Allgäu – with effects that were felt throughout Europe. Today the quaint squares, alleys and fountains bear witness to those turbulent times. Historical festivals conjure up the spirit of ages past. Immerse yourself in the tales told by the towns of Allgäu.

Your journey through time begins at around the time of Christ’s birth. In those days the region was occupied by the Romans, centuries later Allgäu blossomed anew – in crafts, in trade and in free thought. The atmosphere of the mediaeval cities served as inspiration for countless artists and craftsmen. The unbridled creative spirit of this era can still be seen today in the impressive buildings as well as in the magnificent patrician houses. You can see imposing religious architecture, exquisite crafts and art from the past to the present. More under www.allgaeustadte.de


Situated at the southern end of the Romantic Road, lies the 700-year-old medieval town of Füssen. The town’s charming location on the edge of the Alps is impressive: framed in by imposing high mountain peaks and an idyllic lake district, at an altitude of 800 - 1200 meters. The Hohes Schloss of Füssen, the former summer residence of the prince bishops of Augsburg and one of South-Germany’s largest and best-preserved late gothic castle complexes, is Füssen’s landmark. Find out more under https://en.fuessen.de/

Nearest Airports

  • Allgäu Airport Memmingen (80 km)
  • Munich Airport (160 km)

Highlights and Places of Interest

  • Royal Palaces: Schloss Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau
  • End point of the Romantic Road
  • Historic town center


Kempten, the Allgäu’s main town, has a 2000-year-old history. Roman times are brought to life at Cambodunum Archaeological Park. The townscape reflects the centuries of co-existence between the former Protestant Imperial City (today’s old town) and the Catholic Kempten of the Prince-Abbots (Residenz palace and St Lawrence’s Basilica). Furthermore the “Burghalde”, one of the oldest sites with open-air theatre or the “Marstall” (Court Stable) with Europe’s largest museum of Alpine history are well worth seeing. A wide choice of restaurants, interesting culture and excellent shopping opportunities complete the range of delights Kempten has to offer. Find out more under www.kempten-tourismus.de/en

Nearest Airports

  • Allgäu Airport Memmingen (40 km)
  • Munich Airport (155 km)


The historic town of Memmingen has a wonderful array of interesting sights with a Mediterranean touch. The historic center is the perfect place for a gentle stroll and a little shopping all topped off with some local culinary delights. With its superbly maintained winter walks and wonderful cross country trails during the snowy season Memmingen is also a great place to visit in winter: snow covered alleyways, steaming streams, hot mulled wine at the Christmas market and plenty of live music. Find out more under www.memmingen.de/tourismus

Nearest Airports

  • Allgäu Airport Memmingen (6 km)
  • Munich Airport (144 km)

Highlights and Places of Interest

  • Memmingen children’s festival