Tronsberg 11, 87534 Oberstaufen

“Make yourself at home by friends” … is our motto!
»»» including the Oberstaufen-PLUS-Card* (see below) ! «««

The Allgäu pre-alpine landscape provides you ideal conditions for relaxing holidays: gently line of hills and rugged mountain crests, lushly green meadows and pure white snow, for hiker, climber, mountain biker, skier, relaxer -» for all needs just the right ambience.

  • The Oberstaufen-PLUS-Card is an additional, FREE service from your host. With it the most mountain ropeways, ski passes, lidos, indoor swimming pools, museums, climbing crags, guided hikes from OTM, special busses and also parking is FREE in your destination Oberstaufen. Particulars on:


Tronsberg 11
87534 Oberstaufen