Culinary pleasures are also a feast for the eyes. Every whim is indulged in Allgäu.

Culinary pleasures in Allgäu mean more than just being served a good meal prepared using regional ingredients. Everything tastes twice as good when served with a panoramic view up in the mountains or in a secluded spot in the valley. And the hospitality of the locals will warm heart and soul.

Eating in Allgäu means enjoying the very best of the simple things in life! Kaiserschmarrn, home-made cheese pasta, sauerkraut dumplings: cooks in Allgäu conjure up specialities using high-quality regional ingredients, relying on local suppliers who care for the agricultural landscape and farm it in a sustainable manner. The picturesque appearance of Allgäu with its luminous forests and flowering mountain meadows is not only a gift of nature. It has been formed by the harsh climatic conditions on the edge of the Alps and by the hard work of the mountain farmers. They created the Alpine pastures and formed the space for a very special culture: the Alpine economy. Nowhere else are there more mountain farmsteads and alpine dairy farms than here. The specialities of Allgäu are made with a few basic ingredients; flour, eggs and dairy products. But what the citizens of Allgäu make with them is a culinary treat even today: home-made pasta from Baunzen to Schupfnudeln; plum dumplings; home-made ravioli and a wide variety of quark dishes and sweet puddings, from apple fritters to “drunken virgins”.

Fresh Alpine herbs have always been used to add a refined note, as have home-distilled schnapps and beer. Brewing enjoys a centuries-old tradition here. To this day beer is brewed in small breweries by craftsmen using selected hop varieties and pure Alpine water and is then offered in their own taverns – for drinking and to accompany food. Because with the Bavarian national drink the chefs of Allgäu serve light, refined dishes which will surprise you.