Scheidegg R1 Grand ecumenical chapel path

In ancient times the people went from spring to spring in order to find pastures and resting places for their cattle. Later on, chapels were built at the springs. So one could go from spring to spring and from chapel to chapel.
We start at the spa house and walk through meadows on a footpath until we come across a mountain road.  We turn right and follow the mountain road until leads to the Zollstraße. Bearing left, we come to first chapel on our tour, a memorial chapel for soldiers. We go back on the Zollstraße and turn left into the road Sonnenstraße. In the road Alemannweg we bear left twice and follow the hiking trail round Scheidegg for some time. The road we come across takes us to the village Bieslings to the left. There we can visit the chapel of St.Gall-and-Magnus. Back at the village entrance of Bieslings we turn right to the waterfalls of Scheidegg. We bear right at the road and hike to the village Ostkinberg. After crossing the road B308 we come across the first houses of Ostkinberg.  Behind these houses, a path leads to the edge of the forest. There, we first go right then left, pass the small village Loerz and come across the chapel of St.Wendelin to our left. After this short side trip, we turn left in Loerz and get to the village Haus am Wald with its Lady Chapel. Behind the chapel we hike through the fields and reach the village Böserscheidegg with its  via the villages Roederbuehl and Buflingsried with its chapel of St. Catherine-and-Anthony. Infront of the chapel we turn left, crossing fields and reach Schalkensried, where the chapel of St.Martina, our next stage goal, awaits us. Behind the village Albers a pathway goes right, leading us via the village Bärfällen to the village Brand. Even before we come across the first we turn  left and come to a larger road and cross it. We now have "Forst" to our right. There, we can find another chapel,the ecumenical chapel of St. Hubert. The way leas us straight ahead crossing the village Bronschwand and the mill Häuslingsmühle to the village Unterstein with its chapel of St.Anna-and-Joachim. The next chapel is situated between  Oberstein and Moeggers, shortly behind the Austrian boarder. we reach it by walking a pathway to the right behind Unterstein to Oberstein. Having reached Oberstein we first hike rightwards  and then leftwards into the woods. After we visited the chapel of St. Ulrich we hike a little while back to and reach a fork. There we walk leftwards towards Gaisgau. From Gaisgau we turn right and walk back to the spa house via Ebenschwand with its Sacred Heart Chapel.

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Scheidegg R1 Großer ökumenischer Kapellenweg