Nature reserve Eistobel: Circuit via the mountain Riedholzer Kugel - Westallgäu waterway 20

Amongst others, the highlights of the canyon are  the "Great waterfall" and the so-called Zwinger, a tangle of enormous rocks. Through these rocks, the waters of the stream "Obere Argen" have to squeeze through. The undercut slope "Hohe Wand" and the "Große Nagelfluhwand" rise approx. 50 metres out of the stream. Numerous specialists of the flora and fauna are living in the "Eistobel". The dipper or water ouzel for example, searches for food in the turbulent waters of the stream "Obere Argen". It is the only songbird in Europe that is able to swim and dive. The "Eistobel" owes its name to the bizarr ice formations in winter that turn the Eistobel into a fairytale world made of snow, rocks and ice.

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Naturschutzgebiet Eistobel: Rundweg über die Riedholzer Kugel - Westallgäuer Wasserweg 20