Lake Constance long-distance cycle track

We start our section of the tour round Lake Constance in Nonnenhorn, the beautiful health and wine resort. The long-standing tradition of wine-making lives on in the taverns called "Rädlewirtschaften". These "Rädlewirtschaften" still serve their wine traditionally right from the farm. Here is one of the oldest winepresses in the region - the "Nonnenhorner Weintorkel" that is protected as a historic monument. Shortly after, we reach Wasserburg, a climatic spa. The picturesque peninsula with the church of St. Georg, the museum "Malhaus-Museum" and Wasserburg Castle, finished in 1555  is the landmark of the village. Afterwards, we get to Lindau, the large district city and administrative headquarters of the region. The island of Lindau, that is characterised by graceful buildings, the large port with its lighthouse, the statue of the Bavarian Lion and the colossal building "Heidenmauer" is the historic centre of Lindau. The further route leads us to the Austrian municipality Lochau. Shortly after, we reach Bregenz, the capital of Vorarlberg, having the most important port at the Austrian Lake Constance. Bregenz is famous for the world's biggest open air lake stage, hosting the annual Bregenz Festival. The Lake Constance bicycle path takes us to Switzerland, along the southern lakeshore. Via the municipalities Rorschach and Romanshorn we drive, always close to the shore, until we cross the bridge in Kreuzlingen towards Konstanz and step on German ground again. Here we can drive to Meersburg by ferry and shorten the way by 56 kilometres. Otherwise, we follow the signposts of the bicycle path via Ueberlingen, Meersburg and Friedrichshafen until we pass Kressbronn. By reaching Nonnenhorn, we completed our tour round Lake Constance.

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