From the Mittag station in Immenstadt to the Steineberg

The entire tour takes you over the Nagelfluh range between Hochgrat and Mittag. It is regarded as one of the region's most popular and beautiful ridge hikes and takes you over all seven Nagelfluh summits in just as many hours. The shorter version takes you from the peak of the Mittag via Bärenköpfle zum Steineberg. If you  want you can take the Mittag lift to the starting point of the tour. The Mittag is the «Hausberg» (local mountain) of Immenstadt. 


The diverse tour is family-friendly and can be managed by anybody. You walk over roots and climb up to the rocky peak of the Steineberg. There is an alternative trail for experienced hikers ("nur für Geübte") with a via ferrata and a 17 m high iron ladder. The trail offers all kind of beautiful viewpoints. But if you are not free of giddiness, the main path is much easier and less demanding. Once you have made it to the top, the summit cross provides the perfect resting point and a spectacular view over the main ridge of the Allgaeu mountains. 

On the way, you take a right turn at the Bärenköpfle and leave the main road to make a quick detour to the Alpine Pasture "Sennalpe Oberberg", where you have the chance to enjoy a traditional snack. Afterwards, you walk up to the top station of the Mittagbahn. 

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Von der Mittagbahn in Immenstadt zum Steineberg