Cycling on the "Allgäuer Käsestraße" (Allgaeu cheese road) - cheese and water fun

The tour starts at the heated public pool in Rentershofen. You cycle on the road to Röthenbach. There you pass the church, turn left into the road Staatsstraße (also known as the Königssee-Bodensee-Radweg). After 500 metres you turn right and you follow the romantic stream Tobelbach to the village Oberschmitten and later on via the stream Obere Argen. At the next junction you turn right to Gestratz (old frescoes in the church). Tip: In Baldauf's dairy in Gestratz the little "Baldauf Alpkäsle" are made with considerable skill and loving care. With their weight of 900g and their golden yellow rind, they are a tasty reminder of the Allgäu cheese road. A short and heavy ascent takes you from Getratz to Brugg. Turn right there into a calm road towards Lengersau.  After a short descent you drive a good 2 kilometres slightly uphill. Follow the road from Lengersau to Hochstädt. Turn left there towards Isny. The Käsküche Isny is located directly at the route. 3000 litres milk of Demeter and Bioland farms are processed into hard and sliced cheese every day.Try a piece of "Isnyer Ur-Bergkäs", "Adelegger"or "Sternschnuppe" cheese. The chutneys and the pesto of wild herbs made by "sell g'machts" in Stiefenhofen that you can buy there go especially nicely with those cheeses. You can buy the chutneys and the pesto in the Käsküche Isny. Isny itself consists of a medieval oval with a city wall, defense towers, town houses and a castle. History is part of the presence. You can see that on a walk along the battlements, on a stroll through the road Wassertorstraße with its patrician houses or by minting coins in the museum at the Mühlturm tower. From Isny we leave the route and make a side trip to the Burkwangen quarry pond and the idyllic pond Hengelesweiher. Turn right at the end of the pedestrian area and follow the "Oberschwaben-Allgäu-Radweg" until you reach the village Kleinhaslach. At the end of the village turn right again and follow the small tarrede road until you reach the parking lot at the quarry pond. Now you deserve a bath. More than half of the way has already been made.
After the pond you underpass the main road to the village Kleinholzleute. There, you turn left in the village centre into the "Allgäu-Radweg" towards the village Großholzleute. Branch off to the right in Großholzleute and drive on a quiet road past the idyllic Hengelesweiher and later on south of Maierhöfen towards Riedholz. If you want to stop for a refreshment, a side trip to Maierhöfen would be recommended. In the Naturlandhaus Krone, the proprietor himself cooks regional, fresh and native meals. After Riedholz you reach a slightly broader road. Follow it to the left crossing the impressive bridge Eistobelrücke. Past the bridge, the infopavillon of the Nature reserve Eistobel lies to your left. Here, you should go on a hiking tour taking  1.5-2 hours (not included in the timeframe stated for the cycle tour!). Framed by up to 130 metre-high rock faces  the waters of the stream Obere Argen plunges downhill over several altitude levels. At the shores, broad gravel belts invite one to rest, to play and to discover. The well secured path through the ravine Eistobel seems like a stroll at some stages. At others, it seems like a hike in the low mountain range with an alpine appearance. After the hiking tour you drive on the foot-and cycle path right of the road towards Grünenbach. In the village's dairy master cheese maker Franz Horn mixes fresh herbs and spices into the farm cheese which is the basis of the special sliced cheeses made by the brothers Baldauf. After the break, you take the cycle path to Schönau. There you turn right and reach the tree-lined cycle path to Röthenbach. From Röthenbach village you take the way back to the public pool Rentershofen where refreshing water awaits you already. You find a heated pool here. In addition to that free sunbeds and an area for parents with children with a water temperature of 24 degrees Celsius and a playground  are waiting for hard-working cyclists and hikers.

Alternative route for practiced cyclists, mountain bikers and E-bikers (condition required, partly areas of unevenness in the street): several metres after the Hengelesweiher you don't drive neither right towards Maierhöfen at the fork at the little hamlet Neppen, nor straight ahead towards Riedholz, but you drive left towards holiday club Maierhöfen. from there, you drive uphill to Stockach. As a special highlight, the Alpine dairy Butterblume  and the Bergwies dairy are waiting for you. Afterwards, we continue our tour with refreshed strengt  to the mountain Fluckasberg. A beautiful ridgeway with a wonderful view passes another alp and later on the Iberg-ski lift towards Riedholz. Follow the route described above . This worthwhile side trip takes you an additional hour.

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Radfahren auf der Allgäuer Käsestraße - Käse und Wasserspaß