Bridge building river Leiblach: Hiking along the border river - Waterway no.31 in the Western Allgaeu

Starting at the community office Hohenweiler the trail leads us first to the village Gehren. We move to the village Schoenstein from there - partly crossing meadows, partly crossing shady forests - but always uphill. On a section of the forest experience path Moeggers we hike through the wild and romantic canyon forest in the ravine "Saegetobel". The pedagogical adventure path provides many interesting informations concerning life in and with the forest.

Leaving the canyon forest, we enter the open meadows near the village Buchans. Here, the view opens northwards to the other side of the canyon "Rohrachschlucht" where we can already see one of the next stages of our tour, the chapel of St. Wendelin. From Buchans in Austria, the hiking trail leads us crossborder to the village Aizenreute in Germany. From there, we just have to hike few minutes to the village Rickenbach to the cascades of Scheidegg. Theses cascades are among the 100 most beautiful geotopes in Bavaria.

Subsequently, we come to the chapel of St.Wendelin, passing Ostkinberg. There we have a wonderful view of  Lake Constance and the Swiss mountains before a section of the Camino de Santiago takes us to the village Niederstaufen. From Niederstaufen we hike down to the river Leiblach. Walking a few metres upstream is recommended there. The little side trip leads us to a terrain rim. At the rim, the river rushes several metres into the depth.

After that, we cross the Leiblach on a narrow footbridge that was renewed in 2000. Behind a river bend a hidden resting place invites you to linger. Via the village Dornach we reach Sigmarszell and then, on a short and steep ascent, we get back to the Leiblach and the footbridge Zellersteg. Crossing the river, we again crossed the boarder from Germany to Austria. After some walking minutes we have reached the starting point of the tour.

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Brückenschlag Leiblach: Wandern am Grenzfluss - Westallgäuer Wasserweg 31