Zuhaus am Malerwinkel

Welcome to our farmhouse "Zuhaus am Malerwinkel". If you translate our name in English it means " At home on Painter´s Corner, if you look at the photos you´ll know why. We are situated in a peaceful location .A mountain stream runs directly in front of our house and behind us, we have nothing but picturesque countryside.The excellent view that we have of the oberallgauer mountains can´t be beaten. On our farm we´ve got cows,calves ,Nino and Beppo(our horse and donkey who can´t be separated) ducks, chickens, goats, Lucky the dog and his 5 cats.Children are welcome to help out if they want to.

Zuhaus am Malerwinkel
Herrn Josef Müller-Zeller

Altstädter Straße 16
87538 Fischen-Unterthalhofen

: +49 8326 383961
: +49 8326 3857144