Sonnen-Appartement (Alpina/Hosp)

Relax & enjoy & save: We offer modern & smart 4-star apartments for your family holiday with the following advantages:

- yet centrally located in Fuessen,
- surrounded by magnificent alpine panorama as well as
- Short distances to the world-famous Königsschlösser Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein. Our guests can look forward to 75 square meters of living space each for the following comfort:
- modern equipment,
- free WiFi 
- SMART TV TV (2 TVs per living unit)
- modern furniture,
- 2 separate bedrooms
- spacious kitchen with oven, freezer and fridge and dishwasher
- spacious living rooms
- antique marble bathrooms
- very short distances to the large shopping center
- very short walks to the festival hall, summer beer garden, forggenseifffahrt as well as Sonnenwiese at the bay of the Forggensee,
- quiet residential area
- AND 250, inclusive services by the KÖNIGSCARD.

Now you can rest and relax in one of the most modern apartments in the most beautiful holiday regions of Germany!

Sonnen-Appartement (Alpina/Hosp)
Herrn Alexander Hosp

Abt-Gosswin-Str. 12 b
87629 Füssen

: (0049) 8362 9115900